An Introduction

The Super Quaich is a new cyclocross series in Scotland. It’s primary aim is to maximise and extend the thrill of racing throughout all ability levels. We want as many riders as possible to have a rider just ahead of them and a rider chasing them close behind. When this happens every rider gets a racing experience.

The format we have arrived at makes this a priority.

The format

The series will consist of 4 races across January and February 2017. Each race will have both an A and a B race. There will be 100 riders in the A race and the number of riders in the B race will be left for the race organiser to decide based on what the course can safely tolerate.

Allocation into your appropriate race for will be based on your ability and performance in previous cyclocross races this season (2016/2017). We’ll cyber-stalk newcomers and place them in the race we think is most appropriate to their fitness level. There will be no rewarding of friends with A race places and no ability for riders to select the race they want to go in.

Series points

Series points will be allocated to 150 riders at each event. This means that everyone in the A race and the top 50 or so riders in the B race will be allocated series points. The 1st rider in the B race will be allocated the points position behind the last finisher in the A race.

Each rider’s worst race placing across the 4 races will be discounted from their overall points tally. This will allow riders to miss one race or have a mechanical and still hold their appropriate position in the series.

Race organisers’ points

Race organisers and their volunteers will be allocated their series average for the race they have sat out in order to organise. This allows them to hold their appropriate position in the series despite giving up their time to put on a race. Their worst result will be used to define this average before then being dropped from their overall tally.


There will be no age or sex category races, all entrants will ride against other riders of their ability and receive series points based on how they placed. The series table however will highlight female riders and equal series prizes will be given to the top females as given to the top males. It is at the discretion of each race organiser to do the same with race prizes.

Age level prize categories at individual races will be at the discretion of the organisers but as a minimum standard, male and female podium ceremonies in both A and B races will take place.


The possibility of promotion/relegation will follow each race. The top 5 riders in the B race will be promoted in front of the last 5 riders in the A race. This however does not guarantee a place in the following A or B race. Riders at the top end of the B race and bottom end of the A race might find themselves being in an A race one week and then a B race the next week dependent on the quality of the field of riders entering the following race.

DNFs will not be included in relegation from the A race but their lap times will be assessed and if they are lower than that of any relegated rider the DNF rider will take the relegation place instead of the rider who was going to beat them before they pulled out. This is to avoid the temptation for riders to pull out of the race in order to avoid relegation.

DNS in the A race

Any rider in the A race who knows they are not going to make it along is encouraged to let the organiser know. This will allow a rider from the B race into the A race. However alterations such as this are at the discretion of the organiser. The organiser is not obliged to promote a rider from the B race following the withdrawal of a rider scheduled to start in the A race. If you want to guarantee a place in the A race, ride faster.

Series trophies and prizes

A small amount from each race entry will be paid into a prize fund so we can give out trophies and prizes at the end of the series.  These will be equal for both men and women.